Custom Belt Measurements

Made-to-order belts will be the same design as those in our photos, just made to fit you perfectly! We'll need you to enter the length you need when ordering your belt from the product page.

This will be different from your pants size. We need the real, actual measurement of your human body (unless you aren't a human?).

We are looking for the measurement between the buckle and the centre hole of the belt. You can send this in inches or centimetres - but please let us know which one you measured in.

Option 1: Measure a belt that fits you well

Find a belt that fits just the way you like it, and measure from the bottom of the buckle to the most used belt hole, as pictured below.

Option 2: Measure yourself

Measure around yourself loosely where you would like the belt to sit on your body (ie. if you want it to sit low on your hips, measure yourself there!). Use a flexible fabric measuring tape. You can also use a length of non-stretchy string to measure yourself, and then measure the string. Do not overlap the ends of your measuring tape or string - you are looking for the complete circumference of your body.

Enter the number accurate to the nearest cm or half inch when ordering your belt.

Confused about taking your measurement? Feel free to email us and we'll help you out as best we can.

Please measure carefully as made-to-order items cannot be returned or exchanged due to sizing issues